Practice Areas

A seasoned and resourceful litigator, Harvey Fishbein’s clients rely on him to handle their most sensitive, complex, and potentially explosive criminal allegations, including murder, drug trafficking, tax evasion, and securities fraud.

White-Collar Crimes

  • Securities fraud
  • Immigration fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Other business-related offenses

Major Felonies

  • Federal and state narcotics-related crimes
  • Murder and other violent crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Corruption
  • Computer crimes

For over 40 years, he has successfully represented hundreds of clients – ranging from large Fortune 500 companies to the average individual – in both state and federal courts, who are confronting serious charges related to a variety of white-collar and violent crimes.

In front of a jury or in the prosecutor’s office, Harvey is ready and willing to defend and fight for his clients, regardless of how serious the crime. Be it a dismissal, plea bargain, or the best result at trial – he examines each case from every angle and works to obtain the most favorable outcome.